Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Feminist poet Dr Rita Malhotra's statement:

A poet is not isolated from society, nor from one’s geographical environment or from one’s social and cultural landscape in his/her search for truth and often returns to poetry to give vent to one’s emotions and perception. In fact, a poet’s verse is often reminiscent of one’s search for meanings in life and a woman poet usually looks for her legitimate claim to dignity and equal opportunities in a society whose meanings seem to be falling apart.

A woman, one would agree has myriad aspects to her. She’s an amalgam of so many strengths, so much patience, tolerance, sensitivity and much more. Her sensitive conscience orders her poetic sense often with gender-based themes and the consequent expressions sometimes of pure and raw emotion create their own space in her verse. A woman has been marginalized for too long. Their bitterness at being exploited day in and day out naturally arouses the woman in me and finds expression in my poetic content. Poetry is my medium to reach out to others and awaken them to a woman’s sensibility. It emerges from my dialogue with my silent self-exploring the inner and outer worlds away from the vortex of complexities. So one aspect of my writing on subjects like the street-child especially the girl-child, child marriage, gangrape, child bride, sold, woman etc is an emotional response to my social thought and experience. Through this literary art form, I am able to give voice to my latent-but-alive emotional pattern more so because I believe that poetry can have a social connotation and still be art.

Friday, January 19, 2018

updates about Dr Rita Malhotra:

A National Science Talent Scholar, Awardee of The National Scholarship for Higher Education in Mathematics, Dr Rita Malhotra is a mathematician, poet, essayist, poetry critic and translator. Currently, Founder President, Poetry Across Cultures India and World Poetry Ambassador to India, WP Canada and Academic Advisor, Soka Ikeda College(affiliated to Madras University) Chennai,Dr  Malhotra has joined Ars Artium as Poetry Editor beginning January 2018. She has been Principal, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi, prior to which she was Mathematics Faculty at DU. A PhD from The University of Delhi, she was Post-Doctoral Fellow at The University of Paris. She was also Post- Graduate Visiting Faculty in Mathematics at the University of Delhi, Visiting Fellow at The Centre for Advanced Studies, Punjabi University, Chandigarh. Her research papers in Mathematics are published in India, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, France, Serbia and Australia.Her algorithm on Bi-criteria Network Problem is included in the Bibliography of Algorithm / Software in  Zentralblatt for Mathematik Hardenbergstrabe, Berlin. Malhotra has published two books of Mathematics, eight books of verse and a recent book of Literary Essays titled ROMANTICIZING A CULTURAL JOURNEY FROM EAST TO WEST. She is the recipient of several national and international recognitions for Poetry, Culture and Education like The Distinguished Visionary Poet Award by Writers International Network Canada, The World Poetry Almanac Award for special contribution to world poetry by WPA , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, The World Poetry International Festival Award by World Poetry Canada, The Best Promoter Award of Indo-Romanian Relations in the Field of Culture awarded by The Embassy of Romania in India, The Michael Madhusudan Millennium award for poetry and education, Award for outstanding merit in promoting Romanian and Universal values in international relations by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania and Lifetime Achievement Award  for Excellence in World Poetry by The International Poets Academy, Chennai, India. Malhotra’s literary and poetic works are published in India, USA, Wales, Australia, South-Africa, Taiwan, China,Turkey, Mauritius, Serbia, Japan, Romania, Nicaragua, Canada, Mongolia and Hungary and have been translated into Chinese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish,  Japanese, Turkish, French, Hungarian, Hindi, Bengali and Telegu. Her latest collaborative literary project with Award-Winning Hungarian poet Gabor Lanczkor saw fruition in the book titled Sound Odyssey, published in Mumbai in 2017. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Books by Rita Malhotra

Literary books: poetry and prose (non-fiction) by Rita Malhotra
  • Reflections,  Writers workshop Kolkata 1997,
  • Images of Love,  Virgo Publications Delhi 2003,
  • I am not your woman and other poems, Sampark, Kolkata, 2007( The book has been translated into Serbian by Serbian poet Stojomir Jamina),
  • Transitentrance (work of translation from French to English”)  Daastaan, 2009
  • Across Social Wilds, a woman’s poetic perceptions 2010,
  • Thoughts Unfolded  Daastaan, (2011),a bilingual English- French  collection of minimalists,
  • Rhymes in Rhythm: children’s rhymes, Sampark, Kolkata
  • I remain the ignited woman, World Poetry Almanac, Mongolia,2012
  • Romanticizing a Cultural Journey from East to West(essays on Poetics, Poets, Sentiments and seasons), Shubhi Publications, 2017

Books by Dr Rita Malhotra

Mathematics Books by Rita Malhotra

  • Chief Editor of the research-level book titled “Combinatorial Optimization, some aspects” (2006), Narosa Publishing House, Delhi, India. 
  • A First Course in Lattice Theory and Boolean Algebra, 2002(textbook ), Brijwasi Book Distributors and Publishers, Delhi, India.
  • Reprinted 2015, Book Age Publishers, ISBN 9789383281848