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*Rita Malhotra is a mathematician/poet. Every poem of Rita that runs on the super highway of abstraction finally resolves itself in a simple calculation. Desires and a hope merge themselves to an imagery that is truly Indian, words pulsate to a staccato of an unfolding sky immersed in colors, Rita Malhotra reigns the contemporary Indo English poetry scene.
Dr. Amitabh Mitra, Poet/Artist/Publisher/Orthopaedic Surgeon
Editor ‘A Hudson View’, ‘Inyathi,’South Africa
* Rita’s poems reflect a rich and diverse variety of images that become symbols and metaphors, simple and complex; her conscious use of small letters everywhere with absolutely negligible exceptions, lend unique force to her themes and stylistic devices and rhythmic tunes and tones. All poems are compact, compressed and short memorable lyrical pieces.
Dr R.K.Bhushan, Poet and Literary Critic,Former  HOD ( English) and Coordinator, Language, LPU, Jalandhar

* With great delight I read Rita Malhotras latest poetry. Her poems are multifaceted:  nature is omni present, but also love as well as the word, the poetic expression itself. She artfully mixes the actuality – HIV, Global Warming etc. – with philosophic reflections, unveiling her Indian roots which make her poetry even more fascinating for Western readers.

Germain Droogenbrotdt
eminent bilingual Poet,Translator and Critic>> 
* My introduction to Rita Malhotra was when I published the international poetry anthology ‘Journeys.’ Her intriguing words are honest and wise as a sunrise hastening the darkness to paint the dawn in beautifully vibrant kaleidoscopic colours of sad truths, love and hope
Graham Vivian Lancaster,eminent South-African Poet,Critic,Editor,Journeys.         

*Dr Malhotra is  very sensitive in poetic imagination with certain abstract thinking in combination with deep concern about social reality.The poems have created a special impression in my mind while translating some of her poems into Chinese.

Dr Lee Kuei-shien,Famous Taiwanese Poet, Critic and Translator

*Rita Malhotra's poems are unique, One of India's leading women poets,
she travels the corridors of pain, painting the depths of sorrows with
such beautiful words. She traverses  the roads of despair, but  weaves the sorrows gathered into hopes and dreams of a better although imperfect world.
Ruth Wildes Schuler, American Poet and Former Editor of Prophetic Voices, Member, California Writers Club>
*Rita Malhotra is one of the the pioneers of Indian English Womens  Poetry. The creative genius of Rita is chiefly visible in her poems of love, nature and man-woman relationship where she is both candid and confessional without any inhibition on her part and where she expresses her notions in simple, genuine and human style, displaying a rare emotional maturity, combining tenderness, passion and emotions.Her sensitive observations are the both penetrating and piercing. Metaphoric images, graceful symbols, alliterative phrases, deed ruminations and excavations of heart’s pain, fine arrangement of words, appropriate linguistic use, constitute her short poems.
 Dr.Shaleen Kumar Singh, Poet, Critic and Editor, Creative Sapling

*Malhotra’s poems,often compact,display what the American poet Robert Frost referred to as “a careful casualness.”Her craht is very subtle and does not call attention to itself.Her observations are mature,pure and perceptive.It is through her poetic voice, honest ,delicate,intelligent,individual yet universal that arrests the reader and leaves him or her with something truly profound and lasting.
Peter Thabit Jones, Poet,Critic and Editor,The seventh Quarry,Wales,U.

*Rita writes with freedom and courage besides also being comfortable in nature’s  embrace. From  sighs to whispers, joys and pain her words touch a cord. She journeys into the inner world  with her soft, precious and artistic skill to conjure up endless treasures of different emotions. Her lines are a boat across the river of life and her poems will live in our hearts until eternity. Rita flows through a world of words and like Annapurna  feeds the soul with beauty like in her poetic line “I search for a poem in the wilderness of words.” "stojan jamina"  

Stojomir Jamina, Serbian Poet and Short Story Writer "stojan jamina"

*Rita Malhotra beautifully blends life’s Mathematics with poetic rhythm. Her poems are graceful and emotive ,especially her love lyrics which are marvelous, passionate and an open text of real life.
Sumit Talukdar, Editor, Verse-Universe

*For the mathematician, Dr Rita Malhotra, life is a poem. Her poetic zeal is by no means an introverted affair, hence the recognition received.
The Pioneer

*Dr Malhotra’s social consciousness, especially her concern for the girl-child and her deep anger at her plight are significantly reflected through her poems.
Gurgaon Plus
Rita Malhotra is the immortal nightingale in the orchard of Indian English Poetry. Although she is a mathematician , her imagination soars high to provide Indian English poetry new heights of shades and zeal.
Dr. Ram Sharma, Faculty, English Literature

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